Data Basics

By definition a database is the storage of large quantities of information in that may be of a complex nature. A database could contain something as simple as a list of people or as complex as accounting data, air quality measurements or crime statistics. A database can be used for almost any information that is somewhat inter-related. Common database systems include Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, MS-Access, Filemaker Pro, 4D, and ProgreSQL.

The choice of database software is secondary to good design. A well-designed database on a ten-year-old platform may be more effective than a poorly designed database running on the most current and powerful hardware available.

Trendsetting Services offers database design and development for client-server and web-enabled applications. Our developers use a structured development approach based on a solid understanding of user needs and requirements. We will recommend the best tools for your solution to ensure compatibility, flexibility and scalability.

Trendsetting will ensure that all phases of your program are expressed in an honest and straightforward manner as we partner with you.