In our view, marketing means taking action to create, grow, maintain or defend markets.

Marketing must refocus away from selling product and towards creating relationships.

Marketing’s purpose is to develop or shape something real…not to create an illusion. Think in terms of gardening not hypnotism.

Leverage is necessary because no meaningful marketing program can be implemented across a set of customers who do not reference each other. You must build a strong word of mouth reputation from buyers.

Marketing involves more than putting up a web site and hoping.

Marketing strategy must set long-term vision to guide immediate tactical choices.

Like a house, a good database is built with forethought, and with proper care and attention given to the needs of the occupant data. A solid design is needed to make sure that the house you want gets built, and that the land you are building on provides a solid foundation. You must not start without a proper blueprint and survey.

Your database will be the cornerstone of virtually every business project. You must take the time to map out the needs of the project and how the database is going to meet them. If you don’t get the database design right, then any substantial changes in the database structures down the line could have a huge impact on the timing of the whole project.

While it is impossible to predict every need that your design will have to fulfill but it is important to anticipate issues and potential problems through careful planning in the initial design phase.

You should not sacrifice the proper planning phase just for the sake of expedience. A misguided project could lead to problems that lead to hack arounds for the sake of getting things done. Repairing in a backward fashion is what leads to over-runs in time and budget. Ignoring the problems can lead to a false confidence inyour data.

Trendsetting will ensure that all phases of your program are expressed in an honest and straightforward manner as we partner with you.