The Process

There is no real magic when it comes to the workflow of a solid database impimentation. Most professional companies will follow these steps with only minor differences. The key at Trendsetting is how to humanize these stages so we partner in a two-way dialogue at each stage. This will reduce errors, surprises and friction.

The three main types of applications are Stand-alone, Client/Server and Web-based.

  • Stand-alone – This type of application is designed for the single user to keep track of their information. Many small businesses have several independent systems such as contact lists or billing information.
  • Client/Server – The client/server architecture distributes the processing of the application between two computers the client (user’s PC) and the server. This type of application offers the speed of processing and flexibility in design.
  • Web-based – This type of application performs business tasks through a web interface. The main advantage of this type of application is that it can be run from any location that has access to a browser.

Trendsetting wants to provide our clients with an enjoyable experience throughout the project. We will endeavor to remove the stress and anxiety from the project life cycle by breaking it down into these smaller phases:

  • Analysis – Our development team will meet with you to discuss your current business processes and the requirements of the new software solution. The result of this phase will be a document that outlines the functional requirements of the system. The costs, project schedule, and target dates will also be estimated at this time.
  • Design – This phase consists of designing the overall structure of the system. Our development team will meet with the business users of the system to identify technical solutions to the requirements identified in the Analysis phase. The data model, system functionality and user interface layout will be finalized in this phase. The costs, project schedule and target dates will also be confirmed in this phase.
  • Implementation – Using the detailed functional requirements and system specification document, we will now begin to code the system using the programming language that best meet the needs of the system.
  • Testing – Our solutions go through a rigorous testing cycle with client involvement.
  • Deployment – The fully tested software is installed in your environment.

Trendsetting will ensure that all phases of your program are expressed in an honest and straightforward manner as we partner with you.